The Milton Historical Society needs your help

Preserving our history is one of the keys for our future.
The Milton Historical Society is putting out a desperate plea for volunteers to help keep the group going. Volunteers are needed to join the group and to help with the cataloging artifacts that fill their society’s home at 56 Main Street in Milton Mills.
There are thousands of artifacts need to be logged in and entered on a computer so that volunteers can find and access them readily.
The building the society is housed in celebrated its 100th birthday last August. It was first constructed as the Milton Free Public Library and stayed as such till the Milton Free Public Library moved to the Schoolhouse in 1993.
John McCalister said they remain optimistic they will get more volunteers and said if they get just a few they hope to start a monthly speaker series.
For more information about volunteering or becoming a member contact Loretta Banks, Secretary, at 603.473.2083 or John McCallister at 603.652.4670, or: Bonnie Dunton, at 603.755.2055.

The society meets the second Sunday of every month at 2 p.m.