Special Event RE: “EUROPEAN NAIAD”

SPECIAL EVENT! European naiad display and information at Everett’s Cove this Saturday, July 22 from 12:30 – 3:30. Lauri Callahan from the York County Invasive Aquatic Species Project (YCIAP) will have a display on our lawn by the launch ramp. Laurie will be accompanied by Rich Egan from TPPA.

Info they will have at the display:
Milton 3 Ponds and Spaulding Pond European naiad info. We will have fresh European naiad plant sample display so folks can see what it looks like and how to recognize it.
Info about/maps showing European naiad in Lebanon water bodies, and about the management efforts that will be carried out this summer. 
We will also have info about how folks can participate in looking for European naiad, how to report their sightings and, when manual harvesting is being done, how volunteers can help by collecting European naiad plant fragments that result from the harvesting efforts.
We will have sign-up sheets for folks that are interested in helping-out.