From Three Ponds Protective Association (TPPA)


Hello from Maine DEP,

European naiad (N. minor) status
Maine DEP was on Northeast Pond July 6 and July 10 to assess growth of European naiad (EN) and to survey native plants in the area proposed for herbicide treatment. On July 6 the EN plants were still fairly small in proposed treatment area, up to about 6 inches tall, but we expect them to grow steadily over the next few weeks. Plants growing next to a dock at Everett’s Cove marina were a bit larger. The staff at Everett’s Cove is wading to remove these plants when they have time.

Plant removal by New England Milfoil (NEM)
On Monday, July 17, NEM will begin EN removal south of Everett’s Cove, at which time we expect the plant to be large enough so that manual removal will be feasible.

I will meet NEM at Everett’s Cove on Monday 7/17 at approximately 7:30 a.m. to discuss the approach to removal before they begin. Dennis Roberge will also be there given his experience surveying in Milton Three Ponds, particularly south of Everett’s Cove. After working first south of Everett’s Cove, the plan is that NEM will eventually move into Northeast Pd to remove the EN areas outside of the herbicide treatment area. We hope there is enough time before seed set to remove plants in most/all areas outside the treatment area.

Herbicide Treatment Date
After consulting with the herbicide contractor SOLitude, the treatment has been set for Wednesday, July 26. By the time the contractor reaches the site and mobilizes equipment, the treatment will likely begin mid- to late-morning and be completed in a few hours. Very significant rainfall and associated increased flow into the pond from the tributaries may cause us to reschedule but we obviously hope that will not be the case.


John McPhedran
Invasive Aquatic Species Program
Maine Department of Environmental Protection
State House Station 17
Augusta, Maine 04333
Phone: 207.215.9863