What is: The Moose,New Hampshire?


If you live in, visit in,do business in, love a non-profit in The Moose Mountains Region (that’s Wolfeboro, Milton, Farmington, Wakefield, Middleton, New Durham,and Brookfield), PLEASE READ THIS POST ‘TIL THE END:
The Moose, New Hampshire is the Facebook page of a grass-roots group (lead agency WEDCO – Wentworth Economic Development Corporation, Inc.) that first came together to prevent invasive activities like trash dumps, cookie cutter franchises, and industrial activity that chewed up our region’s natural beauty and unique character. They recognized that more people need to know more about positive activities that happen here. We have GREAT, UNIQUE recreational, agriculture, hand-crafted, food/drink/entertainment, culture, history and arts in The Moose Mountains Region.
This page was launched less than 2 months ago to tell people about all the WONDERFUL in The Moose, New Hampshire . And this week we reached a HUGE milestone. We reached nearly 11,000 people, and engaged (“Likes,” “Comments,” and “Shares”) more than 3500. This is INCREDIBLE in a region where no town has many more than 7000 residents.
To celebrate our 2-month birthday, July 15th, we will be unveiling our new website, “Explore Moose Mountains.” It is a searchable website for people to find a restaurant, a hiking trail, an artist, a shop, a place to stay, a museum…everything someone could want to enjoy a few hours/a day/a week/a lifetime in the beautiful towns of New Durham, Brookfield, Wakefield, Middleton, Farmington, Milton and Wolfeboro.
So why this long post? WE NEED YOUR HELP:
1) Please “Share,” “Comment” & “Like” this post and all others that please you!
2) Please tell others about The Moose, especially businesses & non-profits. Tell them to be in touch with us. We want to boost their business by posting about them on The Moose and the new website, too!
Thank you so much! Please be in touch with thoughts & suggestions! 
Moosefully yours,
The Moose, New Hampshire