NH Scenic & Cultural Byways Marketing Forum – April 12, 2017



NH Scenic & Cultural Byways Marketing Forum – April 12, 2017


The New Hampshire Scenic and Cultural Byways Program was established in 1992. As stated in RSA 238:19, the program should “…provide the opportunity for residents and visitors to travel a system of byways which feature the scenic and cultural qualities of the state within the existing highway system, promote retention of rural and urban scenic byways, support the cultural, recreational and historic attributes along these byways, and expose the unique elements of the state’s beauty, culture and history.”


There are currently 21 scenic and cultural byways in the state. The councils promoting these byways do so with limited funding, especially since 2012 when federal funding was eliminated. Nonetheless work to promote these tourism opportunities is still carried out by volunteers and planners. To assist in these efforts a marketing forum has been planned for April 12, 2017 at 2:00 pm at the Meredith Community Center. The forum will be an occasion for byway councils to learn about best marketing practices, as well explore the resources that might be available at the state level. 


The meeting will be moderated by Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission Executive Director David Preece with guest speakers William Rose of NH DOT and Victoria Cimino of NH DRED. It will be followed by an open information exchange among byway council representatives.  Meeting organizers encourage representation from all corners of the state, and hope that attendees will depart with both increased knowledge and the reassurance that byway councils are making progress in accomplishing their byway goals.


View the agenda at http://strafford.org/cmsAdmin/uploads/2017-marketing-forum-agenda.pdf



 NH Scenic & Cultural Byways Agenda

Marketing Forum

April 12, 2017, 2:00

Meredith Community Center, Room B

1 Circle Drive

Meredith, NH

2:00 Welcome/Introductions

2:10 Byways and Tourism Marketing in NH (Vicki Cimino, DRED)

2:30 NH DOT’s Role in Scenic Byways (William Rose, DOT)

3:00 Byway Marketing Success Stories & Challenges from across NH (all)

  • Successes
  • Challenges
  • Examples
  • New Hampshire Resources
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Coming Attractions

4:20 Wrap-Up and Next Steps